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In addition to his primary bankruptcy practice, Mr. Niles offers mediation consultation services with state court counsel to assist in the mediation of litigation with a focus on providing defense counsel with insolvency analysis as a critical part of the mediation process.

When a business faces the threat of costly state court litigation or an individual faces a problem from under insurance, insolvency counseling is essential for evaluating the options which might be available to deal with the crisis and to provide a full and informed defense presentation at mediation.

Working with state court defense counsel, Mr. Niles assists in the evaluation of the financial condition of the business or individual defendant and can craft a detailed analysis of the insolvency options available under bankruptcy and non-bankruptcy law. Whether attendance is required at mediation or not, the impact of a potential bankruptcy filing can be a useful part of a negotiated resolution for both sides and one that can ultimately limit unnecessary costs of litigation and a potential bankruptcy response to entry of judgment.

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